After many years successfully focused on office development in and around London, we have now implemented an Acquisition Policy aimed at securing a stronger, broader investment property portfolio throughout the South East.

Phase one of our strategy is now complete. We have disposed of previous property investments, comprising approximately 130,000 sq ft of industrial space and 177,000 sq ft of office space spread over five locations.

Some of this capital has already been re-invested, mainly in stand-alone retail, leisure & industrial property ranging from Colchester to Cheltenham, Stratford-upon-Avon to Southampton, although the bulk of a portfolio is still held in London. We have also started to build a global equities investment portfolio as further diversification.

We do things differently

All our disposed of properties were acquired in a run-down state over a 14 year period. Using our team of architects, interior designers and consultants we creatively revamped, refurbished and re-branded them to deliver high occupancy rates and rental values. As well as desire to diversify, our decision to sell the majority of our office and industrial estate portfolio stems from the fact that they had reached maturity in terms of our ability to add further value.

Our Acquisition Policy will follow a similar strategy. And we currently have substantial funds available to purchase all types of property (and land) with development potential, only in first class locations, either freehold or on long leases.

We have wide ranging experience in:

  • Stand-alone retail, leisure & industrial property
  • Speculative house building
  • Breaking up industrial complexes into smaller units for sale freehold
  • Building conversions
  • Office building upgrades
  • Student flats

Why deal with us?

Because we are a family-run business, we are not bogged down by a chain of decision makers, nor are we answerable to fund managers, investors, or banks. Here’s four good reasons to do business with us:

We’re fast – Stuart Sapcote can personally view a property and make an offer the same day, with purchase completed within 5 days. Our current record for this is receiving papers at 9am and completing the purchase by 11pm the same day. (We only became aware of the property 72hrs earlier.)

We’re flexible – We pride ourselves on being bureaucracy-free and ‘tick-box free’ and are noted for taking a view on matters which may concern others.

We’re independent – We do not rely on borrowing and only purchase with our own on-deposit bank funds.

We’re fair – We make it our policy not to chip the price after agreeing the terms.


You can find details of our current acquisitions portfolio here.

If you have property or land for sale that meet our criteria, please call 020 7937 3878